Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution, TOMONI
A Comprehensive Digital Solution for Optimized Plant Operation


The deregulation of the electricity sector and the increased adoption of renewable energy such as wind and solar power which has led to increased market demand for more flexible plant operation, optimized performance, and dynamic operation and maintenance (O&M) solutions.

Mitsubishi Power, as one of the core subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group, offers generation technologies and solutions. We have responded with a unique digital platform that harnesses information and communications technology (ICT) in the form of “big data” and artificial intelligence to provide our clients with a range of valuable information on their power plants, including utilization ratios and economical improvements, as well as providing rapid analytical and diagnostic data on equipment and machinery.

Mitsubishi Power has a long track record, having delivered many thermal plants to its customers over the years, and strives to fulfill its clients’ operational and maintenance needs. Together with our users, we aim to be the best power solution available.


Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution, TOMONI strives to deliver three advantages to its clients in the form of O&M optimization solutions, performance improvement solutions, and flexible operation solutions.

Optimization of O&M

Advantages for the Client as Seen by Mitsubishi Power
Increased operational efficiency through intensive monitoring
Detection of impending problems for less unscheduled downtime
Optimization of maintenance
Leveraging of years of expertise in order to maintain and enhance operations
Improved reliability of start up
Example of Services
On-site monitoring system
Advance anomaly detection
Guidance system for control-room staff
System for monitoring water quality in primary turbine system

Performance Improvements

Advantages for the Client as Seen by Mitsubishi Power
Maintenance and improvement of thermal efficiency
Improved efficiency at partial loads
Reduction in motor use
Example of Services
AI-assisted performance optimization achieved by automatic control of cooling air

Operational Improvements (Improved Operational Flexibility)

Advantages for the Client as Seen by Mitsubishi Power
Contribution to systems, frequency response
Increased turndown ratio
Peak power handling
Reduced start-up time
Ability to adapt to different fuels
Example of Services
Start-up Optimization

Application of ICT

Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution, TOMONI provides a comprehensive range of ICT-based solutions for the thermal power generation sector. Developed based on operational data and the data and experience of deviations and countermeasures collected from power stations around the world, these solutions have been designed to enable optimized operational patterns, tailored to the turbine fleet in question.


Mitsubishi Power established its first remote monitoring center at its Takasago Works in 1999, and currently maintains four such centers around the world, which between them monitor around 150 generation plants, chiefly large gas turbine systems. The infrastructure used in our Philippines, Nagasaki and USA centers is already based on the Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution, TOMONI cloud, and the other centers will be progressively migrated to the cloud and interconnected as part of our goal to create a global network.