Fitting Insulation Is a Breeze, Thanks to an Unique Structure and an IT-Based Solution Developed by a Gas Turbine Expert
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Fitting Insulation Is a Breeze, Thanks to an Unique Structure and an IT-Based Solution Developed by a Gas Turbine Expert

Mitsubishi Power’s block insulation package makes it possible for anyone to efficiently apply insulation, enabling reductions in cost.
To fit the insulation, the blocks are simply attached to their mounting brackets, resulting in improving the workability and preventing the degradation of the insulation.
When used in conjunction with the guide system, the blocks can be swiftly fitted and removed by a small team.
A Game-Changing Solution to a Problem that Seemed Hopeless

When the employee, who had been researching insulation systems in the hope of finding a solution to his company’s problems, he came across Mitsubishi Power’s block insulation package and he decided to contact Mitsubishi Power for more details. The Mitsubishi Power representative explained that the package comprises blocks of insulation with an intuitive guide system and offers major reductions in both time and labor during scheduled inspections.

“The insulation takes the form of blocks of easily workable size, which can be mounted on brackets welded to the turbine casing without any specialized expertise. The system was so simple that anyone could install it in a short space of time. The blocks were developed in consultation with a manufacturer of thermal insulation for enhanced performance and durability. Being block-based and not requiring securing wires and less glass fiber from insulation scattered in space, the system ensures the safety of workers, and is less prone to degradation. It was also reassuring to know that Mitsubishi Power has subjected the system to real world testing,” he says.

The guide system comprises a smart phone, and a barcode reader that the installer wears on his or her arm. When the barcode on an insulation block is scanned, the system indicates visually where on the turbine it should be applied, enabling even an inexperienced installer to fit insulation correctly. When removing insulation, the process is reversed, with the system instructing the worker which rack to return the insulation to. You can also scan an area you want to insulate with the barcode reader and the system will direct you to the rack on which the appropriate piece is stored. Mitsubishi Power’s solution both boosts productivity and ensures a high-quality installation can be achieved by a small and socially distanced team.

Indeed, the use of the blocks on their own achieves a 60%* improvement in productivity compared with traditional insulation systems. When the blocks are combined with the guide system, productivity gains increase to 80%*. Real-world data demonstrates that significant productivity gains and cost reductions are possible.

After reviewing the Mitsubishi Power solution, the power producer decided to install the block insulation package. It is currently getting ready for its upcoming periodic inspection.

*Based on Mitsubishi Power’s own tests

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