An Electricity Producer Ran Into Unexpected Hurdles When It Attempted to Improve The Efficiency of One of Its Power Generation Plants
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An Electricity Producer Ran Into Unexpected Hurdles When It Attempted to Improve The Efficiency of One of Its Power Generation Plants

To the rescue: a new solution that provides hardware and software support to boost power plant efficiency.

Under the Turbine Cooling Air Optimization solution, Mitsubishi Power would assume the initial hardware costs, including the cost of replacing the fan motors.
Turbine Cooling Air Optimization can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis, making it a convenient and efficient option for power producers.
Power stations that have already implemented the solution are starting to see gradual results.

Turbine Cooling Air Optimization Solved the Power Producer’s Problem in One Fell Swoop

At his wits end, the team leader consulted Mitsubishi Power. Some days later, Mitsubishi Power came back to him with a Turbine Cooling Air Optimization proposal. Learning that this solution had been created with the aim of optimizing plant operation, the team leader became very interested.

“Their proposal surprised me. The Turbine Cooling Air Optimization program was unique, and involved Mitsubishi Power replacing the cooling fan motors, control systems, and cables, so that fan speed could be varied. Mitsubishi Power would cover these initial costs.”—Team Leader

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The use of Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution, TOMONI to achieve enhanced turbine control also offered several benefits. For example, the pay-as-you-go fee structure conveniently allows users to switch the system on or off as desired and only pay for the time the application is actually used. Data on the operational status of Turbine Cooling Air Optimization, along with other information, is uploaded into the cloud, on the basis of which Mitsubishi Power advises the power producer on how to optimize operations. Users are able to choose whether to continue to use Turbine Cooling Air Optimization after reviewing its performance. Mitsubishi Power informed the power producer that sites already implementing the solution were starting to see gradual results.

The team leader immediately put the proposal to his superior and it was agreed that the generator would implement Turbine Cooling Air Optimization. They are currently carrying making preparations for the system to be rolled out.

Case Study (Turbine Cooling Air Optimization)

X Power Station, England, UK

“They provided a solution with clear economic benefits for us, allowing us to be more competitive by improving reliability and reducing nonproductive costs. These solutions helped us exceed its 2016 financial targets.”

President and COO

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